Life in full swing


Bingara Gorge Presents a premium residential
community in a natural setting at the heart of
NSW’s newest growth region.


1. There is Lots of Choice

On average, Bingara Gorge land lots are around 150sqm bigger than other communities in the region. But as well as large land lots, we also have a mix of smaller lots to choose from, house and land packages, golf front land and park front land. Every precinct has its own unique offerings and benefits resulting in a community that is diverse, vibrant, and accessible to small budgets and grand dreams alike.

2. It is Well Established

Schools, childcare, cafes, restaurants, pharmacy, supermarket, lifestyle amenity, not to mention 800 homes! Bingara Gorge welcomed its first residents just over 10 years ago and has developed into a thriving, walkable community with every convenience within easy reach.

3. It’s Beautiful

We often hear from residents that one of the things they love most about living in Bingara Gorge is that it is well presented and maintained. Turning off the highway onto meandering Pembroke Drive with its timber fences and reed-lined lake imparts a sense of pride and a warm feeling of being home.

4. There is a Strong Community Spirit

Bingara Gorge also has a welcoming and diverse population that turn out on masse for a packed local events calendar. There is 24-hour security and residents note it is a very safe community, where their kids can walk to school and play freely, and there is always someone ready to give you a hand if you need it.

5. It’s an Active and Healthy Place

It is probably not surprising that a residential estate with a golf course at its heart, along with tennis, yoga, pools, cycle paths and bushwalking trails, plus more than 200 hectares of green open space is the backdrop to an active and healthy community, but we thought we would mention it anyway!

6. There are Spectacular Natural Vistas

Located on gently undulating hills in a picturesque rural setting, many homes enjoy view lines to the Razorback Ranges, over green countryside to protected bushland corridors or over the manicured greens of Bingara Gorge Golf Course.

7. Significant Government Investment
has been Committed

As part of a wide regional development plan, Wilton is receiving significant government funding, which will deliver economic uplift with more retail, employment, health, education, shopping, entertainment and recreation.

8. There is Much More to Come

The new Ridgeline precinct has just been launched, the Green Bridge linking the first and second 9-holes is soon to open, there are two new parks in the pipeline, as well as the long-awaited Golf Club and Country Club in planning. We can’t wait to share news as these exciting amenities come to fruition. Sign up for updates to keep in the loop!